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>>/b/1486 >>1485 You WON'T believe it's wednesday!
>>/b/1485 Happy Monday
>>/b/1484 >>1480 shut the fuck up
>>/b/1481 >>1480 Shut the fuck up
>>/b/1480 Dead thread.
>>/b/1479 think it was a good idea
>>/b/1477 >>1473
>>/b/1476 Happy Fast Gator Friday, frens.
>>/b/1474 >>1473 Hot on the way in **hot on the way out?**
>>/b/1473 uuuuhhhghhh me hungie
>>/b/1472 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8us3OWgS1A
>>/b/1471 >>1470 They both look like upstanding chaps to me. Not guilty.
>>/b/1470 >>1463
>>/b/1469 >>1468 Are you tree?
>>/b/1468 >>1467 that's me on the left
>>/b/1467 Friday.
>>/b/1466 Once again, I am asking you for your **Friday posts**
>>/b/1465 >>1464 I love the expression on **his** face too
>>/b/1464 >>1462 Love the expressions on her face plates. That's a quality fig.
>>/b/1463 *the sound of children being abused in the distance*
>>/b/1462 >>1457 I thought she looked familiar
>>/b/1461 https://twitter.com/namururu/status/1308556230785249281
>>/b/1460 >>1459 rip longcat **2020 just keeps taking and taking**
>>/b/1459 There's another angel in heaven tonight.
>>/b/1458 wednesday >>1457 oui
>>/b/1457 Do 30yobs like her **legs**?
>>/b/1455 Coming to you live from the wagie cage
>>/b/1454 Another nice spring day.
>>/b/1453 >>1447