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Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 04:01:43 No. 1062
(987.41 KB 2048x1416 Screenshot_20190914-114026.png)
The end must be near.
(111.84 KB 1024x1258 signal-2019-06-12-225358.jpg)
This is why there are no white people in the CBD. Fuck off back to Sevo ayyyy
(243.24 KB 3840x2160 IMG_20181103_120217.jpg)
This clown world shit really rustles my jimmies. It's funny and hilarious but also entirely soul crushing.

After millions of years of evolution. in the blink of an eye we've become the greatest threat to ourselves. Where did it all go so wrong?
(39.70 KB 500x306 IMG_20190928_113245.jpg)
It really do be like that.

Good I have a nigger pass
(31.02 KB 720x338 IMG_20190929_094246.jpg)
(292.12 KB 1250x1516 15694755263000.jpg)
(61.30 KB 680x680 1569645932739.jpg)
(90.93 KB 1024x1021 1569663492382.jpg)
It's finally happening.

Gamers rise up.
(58.37 KB 1080x750 1569609169656.jpeg)
(95.05 KB 1377x692 EF1zQ89W4AEdw8K.jpg)
(50.46 KB 704x728 IMG_20191004_175724.jpg)
Nothing yet
(943.42 KB 1080x2160 Screenshot_20191005-075134.png)
(260.53 KB 1080x2160 Screenshot_20191005-075307.png)
Account got fucked with
(242.92 KB 1125x1449 IMG_20191006_104025.jpg)
The most predictable of
(230.21 KB 616x496 1570237691007.png)
(923.77 KB 2048x1885 Screenshot_20191009-010504.png)
(723.70 KB 2048x935 Screenshot_20191009-010604.png)
(264.56 KB 2035x480 Screenshot_20191009-010722~2.png)
twitter cucks now censoring the word Joker in their posts
(73.96 KB 834x619 EGKIlP2XYAA4wDh.jpeg)
I'm gonna say the J-word
(47.46 KB 497x373 CerWgNZXEAAcEZX.jpg)
C L O W N S 🤡
(114.67 KB 992x992 1570972526726.jpg)
welcome to clown world
where it's all upside down
where liars are believed
and truth's buried in the ground
where good is always punished
and evil gets the crown
in clown world it's all upside down
(288.56 KB 960x960 image0-1275.jpg)
(24.32 KB 720x714 received_764514863994239.jpeg)
(1.34 MB 1125x1796 joker.png)

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