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(57.28 KB 1200x896 D25_76_515_1200.jpg)
Anonymous 12/29/2018 (Sat) 10:41:57 No. 585
Tell me the worst thing that happened to you today.
I was eating a KFC wrap today but they put too much mayo sauce in it and it was leaking out the bottom of the wrap and I was shirtless so it fell onto my fat stomach and went into my bellybutton and I can feel it inside.

Should I go to the hospital?
(39.82 KB 900x900 angry_pepe.jpg)
>tfw you order takeaway and you see the cook place a bag of food on the counter then 10 minutes later another guy looks at it, picks it up and hands it to you without anything else being added to the bag
I took a really nasty shit and had to wipe multiple times. Also there's a big fat jew mosquito hiding in my bathroom, my attempts to gas him have failed.

Basically an average day.
(186.09 KB 936x590 Kcj7opncq.png)
>tfw you haven't seen your workmates for a while because you're on leave so you post in the group chat that you miss them
>and get completely ignored
(19.95 KB 290x422 shia-799x423.jpg)
No one likes a Debbie downer.

Just don't.
(316.80 KB 389x565 gators.png)
Discovering that gatorade is not vegan.
(22.99 KB 522x522 pepe-the-frog-crying.jpg)
I microwaved my garlic bread too long and it became rock hard.

It's over.
(987.82 KB 380x200 giphy (14).gif)
anyone else feel like stabbing people to death?
(1.98 MB 164x275 1Kci50R.gif)
it was 2.30am

I went to the bathroom in the dark to take a piss

as it was completely dark I sat down (so I don't piss all over my bathroom)

sat straight down on porcelain

turned out I had lifted up the seat with the toilet lid

it was so cold anons so freaking cold (╥﹏╥)
(12.17 KB 300x169 images (82).jpeg)
This is why you should always leave the seat down desu
I think you need to work on your reading comprehension a bit there Anon. Lifting the seat was unintentional. And a truly harrowing experience.

Pic related is MFW I sat down
how do you blank post?
(57.40 KB 700x525 insv8k64yrr31.jpg)
I asked the man for a dollar but he refused to acknowledge my existence. It was after requesting a cigarette for the fifteen time that he finally cracked and gave me a shot. He got me to a seat for my drug. I knew I had been high. The next thing I remember waking up was a mess on the floor of my apartment at 2:30 AM. I got there at around 6:00 and as I stood near my bed to do some business (lots of it being my drug) I was greeted with a huge pungent smell. Before I could realize it. my nostrils were full of my own vomit. I walked out of the apartment. looking for answers in the direction of the toilet.
So. this is all very personal for me. but I feel like it should be noted that when I did my own drug research back in the mid 90's the results were pretty consistent. I was told by several experts from two separate countries that cocaine is the drug of choice for the masses. and that this could possibly account

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